Jul 8

Aitor Throup 2013 Spring/Summer Shiva Skull Bag

Not content to re-hash traditional styles or ideas in fashion, “New Object Research” designer and sculptor, Aitor Throup is set to unleash his highly anticipated series of unconventional designs; the Shiva Skull Bags. Each bag is inspired by military spec craftsmanship and durability; constructed from a rich tweed with leather trim. But true to Throup’s obsession with minute, scientific detail, each bag is based off of the exact specifications of the shape of a human skull — but with zippered access, of course. The bags are perfect for stashing your eye of newt, several bat hearts, a bundle of vulture feathers, or whatever else you might consider part of your daily essentials. You can check out the Aitor Throup site to find a global stockist that might carry one of these bags when they drop in early 2013.